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Extension Springs as an Alternative to Torsion Springs

Garage Door Springs in ArizonaIn some cases, a torsion spring cannot be installed on your garage or may even be out of your price range. That’s when extension springs come in. Extension springs are in most cases installed in commercial properties. The main issue with this type of spring system is the fact that extension spring repairs or replacements are slightly more of a challenge considering they contain more parts and are more dangerous to work with as opposed to torsion spring systems, which is another reason why they you will most likely not see them on residential doors. Another downside is that they have a shorter lifespan, so you might want to take that into a consideration as well. If you’re on a budget, an extension spring system is probably your best option for the short run, and our company gladly provides professional installation services.

Safety Precautions For Extension Springs

If your extension spring breaks, it’s often more dangerous than a torsion spring breakage due to the fact that extension springs fly off when damaged or broken whereas torsion springs do not. Installing a safety cable for your extension spring, though, could dramatically keep the breakage contained and in a much safer state especially for garage owners with pets and small children. Safety cables are easy to install and are highly recommended for anyone who wants to install an extension spring system for their garage door. Overall, the extension spring system may have more parts and are not guaranteed to be safer than torsion springs, so you should consult a professional in case you are considering having this kind of system installed.

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